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Schools Out Lil Jumbo

Schools Out Lil Jumbo

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Top Down is back for the Summer—our new classic white wine done the Jumbo way! 100% Chardonnay from our trusty partner Pete Johnson of Hawkeye Ranch.

This year’s Top Down is as round, clean and crisp white wine that smells like butterscotch.  It’s not buttery! The wine is round and creamy–but easy to drink, with a hydrating complexity that’s almost tropical. It’s a classic white wine and although it’s definitely not boring, we’d say it’s pretty crowd-pleasing.

On the nose Top Down has hints of honeysuckle, banana peel, and freshly cut citrus blossoms. The palate is clean, round but light, with a balanced floral quality that lends a hydrating, nearly tropical taste to notes of white nectarine and jasmine tea.

355 ml. This is a half bottle.

Jumbo Time Wines is a Los Angeles-based natural wine company with a focus on sustainable practices and no intervention in the cellar.

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